Bond Offering

Green Liberty Notes - 11th Offer

Green Liberty Notes - 11th Offer

Offering Summary

Par Amount
Sale Date
July 2024
State / Province
Bond Type
Fixed Rate
Closing Date

Additional Information

Click here to be directed to the dedicated CGB Green Liberty Notes - 11th Offer webpage.

Green Liberty Notes 

5.25% Annual Interest Rate except for existing investors who reinvest through the reinvestment offer; those investors reinvesting receive 5.50% annual interest. Please see the “Reinvestment” section of the Subscription Agreement and the Form C for full details. 

Interest Paid: at Maturity

Maturity Date: August 8, 2025     

Minimum Investment: $100*

Security Type: Senior Unsecured Debt

Target Offering Amount: $50,000

Maximum Offering Amount: $350,000

Offering Period: July 8 – August 4, 2024

* Investments above $100 can be in any increment up to the maximum of $27,000 

Full details of the offering are available in the Form C filed on the Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR Database.