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Why is the Connecticut Green Bank issuing Green Liberty Bonds?

The Connecticut Green Bank’s mission is to confront climate change and provide all of society a healthier and more prosperous future by increasing and accelerating the flow of private capital into markets that energize the green economy.

To achieve this mission, the Connecticut Green Bank is issuing the Green Liberty Bonds to encourage Connecticut residents to take ownership in the state’s green economy and be a part of a global issue – the clean energy movement.

What is the interest rate on the bonds?

The interest rates on the bonds will be determined a few weeks before an issuance. This information will be available when the Preliminary Official Statement (POS) is released. If you have signed up for notifications through this website, you will be notified when the POS and other documents are added to the site.

How can I buy a Green Liberty Bond? What is the process?

For detailed information on how to buy a Green Liberty Bond, please visit the “How to Buy Our Bonds” page.